I am currently suffering from extreme FOMO! For those that have never heard the expression, it means fear of missing out. I’m not the only one that suffers with this right?! I mean from time to time you miss out on something, or you just can’t make it plain and simple? Wrong. It’s not plain and simple at all, it’s more like confused and intricate! So you’re tired, you don’t wanna go out with everyone just this once but now they’re out you feel as though you should’ve gone. Urghhhhh, it is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world. I’m up, tired but up so surely I should’ve gone out but no I’m sat here writing about how I should be out when I’m not. So brilliant. This is not the reason I started a blog, but then again I have no idea why that reason really is other than to get my frustrations and problems out onto a page kind of like a journal some may say. Well it’s definitely more public than a journal although no-one has looked at it as of yet. Let’s keep it that way please. I guess it’s too late to say that now though right?! Or is it?


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